Sex chat credit card line 02

Ya paid phone sex is like going to a strip club kinda...

I never really got the whole phone sex thing i mean really it seems for lack of a better word...silly, but strippers can b fun but my old lady dont care she will motorboat tities with me lol cause its only cheating if u wont do it in front of them so its like the exact opposite cause she partakes....thats why she gots a ring on her finger lol I'd consider it to be cheating especially if whoever you're involved with doesn't know it's happening and you hide the phone bills.

Thanks for understanding i know some people would say oh its just phone sex he's not going out and having sex but, still it's fucked up i gave him all of me until i found all those bills, i have had very open conversations with him about this.

And with that said he slipped and did it again sometimes i think im with him cuz of the kid and thats no way to live.


But to the point of the whole story is something that was instiled into me (raised in a house of 7 people and me and my dad were the only men) anything u wouldnt do in front of your significant other is cheating end of story.

So i said why dont u smoke this joint that i just rolled with me and when we r done u can call one more time befor i have to leave.

So we pull to the back of this parking lot and were smoking the joint.

Then it hit me how would i feel if the roles were switched and it was her?!


So right then i put out the joint let her make one more attempt to call her family and then politely told her i needed to be going.Okay im asking this b/c my partner racked up quite a bill on sevral diffrent credit cards all behind my back i only found out b/c i found where he kept all the bills..a dick!


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