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Steve Rubel (" ARE LIKES POISED TO REPLACE LINKS AS THE WEB' S PRIMARY SIGNAL? Used by ed Social Media to link to article (" The Best of What's Around" by Travis Warren - March 13, 2011) at Blogged by First Giving Insights (" A single Facebook share is worth almost in donations" - March 23, 2011) at Blogged by AG Beat (" What Realtors should know about Facebook and real estate search" by Lani Rosales - February 26, 2011) at by The Daily Dot (" Despite a pending lawsuit, Facebook pushes Sponsored Stories" by Kevin Collier - December 21, 2011) at Blogged by One (" Bolivia houdt Facebook in de gaten" - October 29, 2012) at Blogged by SAIL Blog (" SMALL BUSINESS ADVERTISING TIPS: FACEBOOK PROMOTED POSTS VS.SPONSORED STORIES" by Kristi Hines - September 11, 2012) at



" - March 28, 2012) at Blogged by Fix Course (" Decipher what your Facebook Fans Love and Hate" by Brad Smith) at Blogged by Gigazine ("11種類のFacebookでよく見かけるユーザーいろいろまとめ" - May 10, 2012) at Blogged by Post Advertising (Why There's more to Facebook Pages Than ' Likes'" by Katie Edmondon - March 22, 2012) at

Blogged by Consumerist (" Knowing Your Facebook Number Might Be Pointless, But Here’s How To Find It Anyway" by Mary Beth Quirk - February 6, 2014) at

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Blogged by Recursos en Web (" Ampliación caracteres en Facebook: competencia vs eficiencia" by Carolina Velasco - 2 December 2011) at by Earn From The Web (" Make money without a website using Facebook" by Jamie Thompson - November 29, 2013) at


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