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The album was recorded and initially released by the Disney-owned record label Hollywood Records.

The album was taken off shelves by Hollywood hours after its release, in response to criticism from the Southern Baptist Church of decisions that the church believed did not reflect Disney's family-friendly image, although Disney claimed that the album was released due to an oversight by its review board.



Several songs were recorded with the intention of releasing them on The Great Milenko.

Despite the rough start, The Great Milenko has sold well over the years.



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    By the 1990s, the cases began to receive significant media and public attention in some countries, especially in Ireland, Canada, Australia, and the United States and were widespread by the 2000s.

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    You really don’t want to become “that couple,” to the exclusion of your other co-workers, and you also don’t want to spend If you and a coworker actually start dating, and plan on being a couple for a while, stop keeping it a secret.

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    But before you zip on over to the App Store or Google Play to grab your free copy, there's something you should probably know: Meitu is asking for You know how each new app you download asks for permission to access certain parts of your phone? And that's just the Android version: Jonathan Zdziarski, a security researcher who often digs into apps like this, has discovered some very strange lines of code in the i OS app as well.

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    In total, Sideways received five Academy Award nominations.

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