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As a seaside village its main industries are fishing and farming.

In keeping with its links to the sea there has been an RNLI lifeboat stationed in the village for over 100 years.

Located in a natural bay on the East Coast it is bordered by the villages of Annagassan to the north and Termonfeckin to the south.

Following lobbying by the local residents, fishermen and political representatives, Clogherhead now has one of the finest piers in Ireland which was opened following an investment in excess of €2 million. Today the headland remains Clogher Head, the village is called Clogherhead and the townland they are in is called Clogher.The headland is also the sight of the Red Mans Cave, where Cromwellian soldiers are reputed to have put to death a number of Catholic Priests during the time of the Cromwellian Wars of 1649.The inside of the Cave has until recent times been repainted red to commemorate the event.We have plenty of secure parking and can easily accommodate horse and boat trailers.

We appreciate the need to keep connected with the office and home so our guests benefit from free wireless broadband and excellent 4G mobile phone coverage on most networks. See all England cottages Whether you are looking for a cottage in the English countryside or by the coast there is so much to see and do in England.


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