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This is surprising, as a stressor's (like PCOS) objective characteristics need to be conceptually and methodologically differentiated from a person's perception of and reaction to a stressor; moreover, the perception of a stressor is theoretically and empirically more directly related to individual and relational well-being than its objective characteristics (Weber, 2011).Fourthly, as existing research on PCOS and sexual satisfaction/functioning has exclusively focused on the perspective of PCOS women, little is known about how partners of PCOS women experience their intimate relationship.There is some evidence indicating an association between objective PCOS characteristics and sexual satisfaction of PCOS women, but this evidence is conflicting, scarce, and often validated questionnaires have not been used to evaluate sexual satisfaction.No evidence is available about the association of: (i) PCOS with relational satisfaction; (ii) PCOS-related concerns with sexual and relational satisfaction; and (iii) PCOS with sexual and relational satisfaction as experienced by partners of PCOS women.The study was performed at the fertility center of the Ghent University Hospital.Objective PCOS characteristics were registered and PCOS-related concerns were evaluated by the PCOS Questionnaire. A higher BMI tended to be associated with lower and higher satisfaction levels (sexual and relational) in PCOS women and their partners, respectively, with a significantly stronger association in the partners ( = 0.021). is holder of a fundamental clinical research mandate of the Flemish Foundation for Scientific Research (FWO-Vlaanderen).


The latter refers to how good or bad couples judge their intimate relationship to be, and reflects both partners' feelings of mutual understanding, tensions in the relationship, their commitment to the relationship, etc. Furthermore, a couple's relational satisfaction correlates strongly with their level of sexual satisfaction (Christopher and Sprecher, 2000; Sprecher and Cate, 2004).

In order to develop evidence-based psychological interventions for PCOS women and their partners, research on the intimate life of couples where the woman has PCOS is essential.



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